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REVIEWS - 101 Tips for Recreational Scuba Divers

"Renown experts in diving safety, Dan and Betty Orr have drawn from their 40 years of professional diving experience to create an essential resource for novice and professional divers alike."
Michele and Howard Hall- Marine Wildlife Filmmakers

"This is essential information for all recreational divers from two leading experts in the field; a fast and easy read full of great information to help keep diving safe, fun and enjoyable for a lifetime!"
Tom Ingram- MBA, CAE, President & CEO The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA)

"In their book, 101 Tips for Recreational Scuba Divers, veteran scuba industry leaders Betty and Dan Orr offer practical tips that can help divers avoid common mishaps and have safer, more enjoyable scuba adventures."

Cathryn Castle Garcia- artist and co-owner of, specializing in wildlife and underwater filmmaking, content creation and publishing

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