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Diving Through The Decades 

ISBN 978-1-7923-8349-6  Eric Hanauer

- A history of scuba diving, highlighting inventions, events, and pioneers.

- A decade by decade account of the evolution of scuba diving beginning in the 1930s.

- Interviews with pioneers of diving’s early days, read their stories in their own words.

- Introduction by Leslie Leaney, Executive Director The International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame Founder of The Journal of Diving History

Diving Through The Decades by Eric Hanauer, a highly regarded diving historian, takes readers on an up-close and personal, decade by decade journey through the evolution of diving while highlighting inventions, events, and noted diving pioneers. The comprehensive text includes personal stories, historical photographs, and insightful interviews Hanauer conducted with numerous diving pioneers who laid the foundation of diving as we know it today. The interviews (conducted over a period of 40 years) transform the book from a gathering of historical facts into an intimate experience for diving enthusiasts.

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