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Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater V1
eBook $9.99

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Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater - Volume Two         Marty Snyderman and Eric Riesch

ISBN - 978-1-7923-6938-4 


Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater - Volume Two continues the series with more animals. This book is intended as a wish-list for what divers can see during their lifetime, and also an encouragement for non-divers to become certified and explore what is beneath the waves.

- Featured animals in Volume Two: California Sea Lion, California Spiny Lobster, Gray Reef Shark, Spotted Drum, Cleaners, Blue Shark, Hamlets, Southern Stingray, Anemonefishes, Nurse Shark, Bug-Eyed Squat Lobster, Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, Trumpetfishes, Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus, Seahorses, Lionfishes, Caribbean Reef Shark, Gulf Signal Blenny, American Crocodile, and Crinoids.

- Introduction by Alex Brylske, Ph. D.  President Ocean Education International

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