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Diving Through The Decades

ISBN 978-1-7923-8349-6

Diving Through The Decades by Eric Hanauer, a highly regarded diving historian, takes readers on an up-close and personal, decade by decade journey through the evolution of diving while highlighting inventions, events, and noted diving pioneers. The comprehensive text includes personal stories, historical photographs, and insightful interviews Hanauer conducted with numerous diving pioneers who laid the foundation of diving as we know it today. The interviews (conducted over a period of 40 years) transform the book from a gathering of historical facts into an intimate experience for diving enthusiasts.

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101 Tips for Recreational Scuba Divers

ISBN 978-1-7923-7512-5

Designed for recreational scuba divers of any experience level. The book was created to share lessons learned over many years and thousands of diving experiences from two renowned experts in the field of SCUBA, Dan Orr and Betty Orr. The eBook is compilation of 101 stand-alone tips designed to guide readers toward their own safe and enjoyable diving practices and help them make informed decisions.

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101 Tips for Underwater Photographers

ISBN 978-1-7923-6073-2 

Illustrated with Marty’s photography, the tips cover a wide variety of topics ranging from pre-dive preparation, handling and care of equipment, using lighting and strobes, and working with models, to post-capture processing, and much more! Quick tips to review before, during, and after a trip. The book is intended for underwater photographers of all skill levels.

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Cover_Amazing Animals Updated 080221.jpg
Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater - Volume One

ISBN - 978-1-7923-6767-0

Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater - Volume One is the first eBook in a series created for people of all ages and backgrounds that are curious about animals living in the world's oceans. The text provides an overview of the natural history of a variety of animals that are commonly encountered by scuba divers and snorkelers when they don a mask, snorkel, and fins and explore the world beneath the waves.

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Cover_AA_02 _updated_08_19.jpg
Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater - Volume Two

ISBN - 978-1-7923-6938-4 


Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater - Volume Two continues the series with more animals. This book is intended as a wish-list for what divers can see during their lifetime, and also an encouragement for non-divers to become certified and explore what is beneath the waves.

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Each eBook is downloadable to your laptop computer, tablet, and phone with a single purchase.

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