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Diving Through The Decades

“Eric Hanauer has devoted the past five decades of his life to record the what, who, how, and when of the fun activity of skin and scuba diving. Find out what forces and people brought the ocean into our living rooms. Here is a comprehensive gathering of true facts from Eric Hanauer at his very best. A must-read for every diver.” 

Zale Parry - American pioneer scuba diver, inducted into the International Diving Hall of Fame, underwater photographer, and actress


"Diving Through the Decades by Eric Hanauer covers a subject for which he holds great affection, respect, and devotion. This work, the fifth in the Wise Divers series of eBooks, demonstrates Hanauer’s awareness and appreciation for an industry of which he has been a prominent figure for the past six decades. His connections with many of the pioneers of open-circuit scuba equipment have provided a unique vantage point to describe, explain, and occasionally interject a dose of humor into storytelling of human intervention under the waves. Constructed in a decade-by-decade breakdown of equipment evolution, major events, and advances in diving, along with explanations of the real stories… the people who did it. This comprehensive diving history is a must read for anyone interested in the decades between where we started and where we exist today with underwater intervention. Bravo to Hanauer for this contribution into diving’s past.”

Jon Council - Historical Diving Society USA President



"Every diver, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, should read this book. It is wonderful! I’ve been diving for years and knew a lot of the names, events and equipment — but this was the first time I’d ever seen all of the information collected and presented in a format that was easy to read, interesting and brought it together in a way that finally all made sense. The book is written by decades, and each decade features the key players, equipment, and events of that time period. There are lots of great vintage photos that compliment the text. It is truly a keeper!"

Bonnie Toth - Ocean Advocate, Managing Editor for the Journal of Diving History, 2014 Beneath The Sea Diver of the Year award for Service, Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences NOGI award for Distinguished Service in 2016

"Eric’s well researched and organized approach to the history of scuba is an enjoyable and informative read. The steps in the technological developments of scuba equipment were combined with the stories of the pioneers involved – many obtained from first person interviews.  Adding the contemporary news and trends of each decade provides readers with an understanding of the influence of the times on advances in sports diving.  It’s a joy to confirm the history you know and learn new and often surprising information! This book enables the history buff and the new diver alike to understand and appreciate the struggles of the pioneers that got us to where we are today."

Dr. Sally E. Bauer- Co-founder Florida Keys History of Diving Museum,

Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) 2011 inductee, NOGI Award in Sports and Education 2018 presented by the Underwater Academy of Arts and Sciences

"It is a pleasure to accompany Eric Hanauer on this historical diving journey, as he takes the reader from diving’s beginnings to where we are today. Numerous clarifications that set several milestone records straight are provided in the insightful, easy to read text. The clever technique of highlighting the invention of the decade, diver of the decade, trend of the decade, and event of the decade create a refreshing, easy to read overview from the author’s perspective and long-term involvement in the diving industry. I would recommend this book to anyone who grew up with diving as a lifestyle or who is curious about diving’s evolution. This contribution to diving history provides a clear picture regarding where diving came from, how far we’ve come, and where diving is headed by highlighting the progression of diving equipment costs, changes in marine environmental and conservation attitudes, and challenges and opportunities for the sport of diving going forward."

Dr. Michael A. Lang- UC San Diego, Director, Center of Excellence in Diving

101 Tips for Recreational Scuba Divers

"Renown experts in diving safety, Dan and Betty Orr have drawn from their 40 years of professional diving experience to create an essential resource for novice and professional divers alike."
Michele and Howard Hall- Marine Wildlife Filmmakers

"This is essential information for all recreational divers from two leading experts in the field; a fast and easy read full of great information to help keep diving safe, fun and enjoyable for a lifetime!"
Tom Ingram- MBA, CAE, President & CEO The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA)

"In their book, 101 Tips for Recreational Scuba Divers, veteran scuba industry leaders Betty and Dan Orr offer practical tips that can help divers avoid common mishaps and have safer, more enjoyable scuba adventures."

Cathryn Castle Garcia- artist and co-owner of, specializing in wildlife and underwater filmmaking, content creation and publishing

Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater 
Volumes One and Two


"Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater is a treat for curious minds and a wish list for underwater naturalists. Bravo Marty and Eric for delivering an easy-to-read collection of natural history stories with gorgeous images!"

Anna DeLoachCo-author, Reef Fish Behavior;  Board Chair, REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation); Creator of Blennywatcher.comWomen Divers Hall of Fame

"It is a joy to dive into this book packed full of beautiful imagery and educational facts about some of the most fascinating creatures in our oceans."

Amanda Cotton- A Cotton Photo Creative Works

"The photography is incredible and the information found in Amazing Animals You Can See Underwater is a fantastic way for my 11yr old son to quickly understand some of the most important and interesting facts about the sea creatures he is likely to encounter.  A must for young ocean enthusiasts."

Brad Doane - Underwater Photographer

"It is very detailed and shares lots of helpful information about aquatic life."

Logan Doane (11 years old) - SCUBA diver

101 Tips for Underwater Photographers

"For those of us marveling at Marty Snyderman’s brilliant underwater photography and finding ourselves in similar challenging photographic situations, the often repeated question of “What would Marty do?” is answered in this book of 101 indispensable pointers and concise, hard-won, sage advice."

Douglas SeifertUnderwater photographer, World Editor, Water Column, DIVE MAGAZINE

"Marty Snyderman’s 101 Tips For Underwater Photographers is a masterpiece of logically presented photographic insight illustrated with a brilliant and diverse archive defining the talking points of the text."

Stephen Frink- Underwater photographer, Publisher Alert Diver Magazine

"ANY underwater photographer that wants to improve their skills at getting better pictures underwater,  even beginners, will find this eBook very helpful!"

Paul Humann- Underwater photographer, Author Reef Fish Identification books

"Anyone who wants to improve their photographic skills is certain to find a lot of useful information among the myriad tips explored in 101 Tips for Underwater Photographers."

Michele Hall- Marine wildlife television and giant screen film producer, member Women Divers Hall of Fame and Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

"Marty generously shares decades of underwater photography wisdom in 101 well-illustrated tips!"

Jill Heinerth- Fellow (FRCGS) and Explorer in Residence of the Royal Canadian
Geographical Society, Author INTO THE PLANET - My Life as a Cave Diver
Women Divers Hall of Fame

"Veteran image maker Marty Snyderman has managed to come up with 101 pieces of clear advice that are easy to digest, masterfully illustrated, and absolutely essential to master the art of underwater photography." 

Doug Perrine- Author, speaker, marine wildlife photographer. Honored with three prestigious BBC/ Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards and winner of the Nature's Best/ Cemex competition in the Professional Marine Wildlife Category.

"This digital format for underwater photography tips is perfect to have with you wherever you go and glance through whenever you want to enhance your skills shooting marine life."

David Fleetham- One of the world’s most published underwater photographers with more than 200 magazine covers to his credit. Hawaii based, David is represented by galleries and agents in more than 50 countries around the globe.

"This book is a treasure trove of can’t-live-without pro tips for newbies and seasoned shooters alike!"

Erin QuigleyAdobe ACE certified digital-imaging consultant and an award-winning shooter. Creator of, which provides custom tutorials and one-on-one instruction. Women Divers Hall of Fame

"Tip #102 - Read this book! Despite the way he looks, Marty actually knows what is he talking about."

Tony Wu- Once gainfully employed, Tony now wears fins more often than shoes and talks with marine life more than he does with people.

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